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Bubble Waffle Maker Single

Name / Model : Bubble Waffle / CR-1003
Size (approx) : 480x310x325mm
Temp (approx) : 50-250’C
Weight (approx) : 6Kg
Body : Stainless Steel
Volts : 220V/50Hz
Power (approx) : 1.4KW

Original price was: ₹7,100.00.Current price is: ₹5,999.00.

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Features & Compatibility

**Elevate Your Culinary Experience with the CR-1003 Bubble Waffle Maker: A Single Delight for Endless Possibilities**

Introducing the Bubble Waffle Maker Single, Model CR-1003, a culinary gem designed to bring the magic of bubble waffles to your kitchen. Crafted with precision and efficiency, this single bubble waffle maker is perfect for cafes, dessert shops, and eateries looking to offer a unique and delightful treat. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and creative possibilities that make this appliance an indispensable addition to your culinary repertoire.

### **1. Business Model and Market**

The Bubble Waffle Maker Single is not just a kitchen appliance; it’s a strategic investment in your business model. Crafted with precision and efficiency, this waffle maker caters to the ever-growing demand for visually appealing and customizable desserts. Ideal for businesses looking to stand out, it allows you to offer customers the delightful experience of savoring freshly made bubble waffles. Elevate your business model by incorporating this innovative and trending appliance into your kitchen, setting your establishment apart in the competitive food industry.

### **2. Per Day Earning Capabilities**

Investing in the Bubble Waffle Maker Single unlocks new dimensions in your daily earning capabilities. Bubble waffles are a fun and Instagram-worthy treat that attracts a wide range of customers. This machine’s efficiency and versatility contribute to increased sales, as you can offer a specialty item that stands out from the standard waffle offerings. The ability to produce a high volume of bubble waffles ensures that you can meet customer demand efficiently, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and repeat business.

### **3. Concept**

At the core of the Bubble Waffle Maker Single is the concept of culinary innovation and versatility. This appliance empowers chefs and culinary enthusiasts to explore the unique and delightful world of bubble waffles. The concept revolves around providing a reliable and efficient platform for bubble waffle preparation, allowing businesses to offer a diverse range of bubble waffle options to cater to different tastes and preferences. The bubble waffle concept adds a touch of creativity and excitement to your menu, attracting customers seeking new and visually appealing desserts.

### **4. Types**

The Bubble Waffle Maker Single is a versatile solution, accommodating various bubble waffle types. Whether you prefer classic plain bubble waffles, or inventive flavor combinations, this appliance can handle it all. The adjustable temperature range of 50-250°C ensures precise control, allowing you to create a spectrum of bubble waffle types to suit different cravings and customer preferences. Explore the possibilities of sweet or savory bubble waffles to add diversity to your menu and keep your offerings fresh and exciting.

### **5. Trending**

In the ever-evolving world of food trends, the Bubble Waffle Maker Single stands out as a must-have appliance. The ability to offer freshly made bubble waffles aligns perfectly with the current trend of unique and visually appealing desserts. Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating this trending appliance that adds efficiency, creativity, and a touch of innovation to your culinary offerings.

### **6. Specification Highlights**

– **Name/Model:** Bubble Waffle Maker Single / CR-1003
– **Size (approx):** 480x310x325mm
– **Temperature (approx):** 50-250°C
– **Weight (approx):** 6Kg
– **Body:** Stainless Steel
– **Volts:** 220V/50Hz
– **Power (approx):** 1.4KW

### **Meta Title: Elevate Dessert Innovation with the CR-1003 Bubble Waffle Maker – Perfect for Single Delights**

### **Meta Description:**
Discover the joy of creating visually stunning and customizable desserts with the Bubble Waffle Maker Single. Crafted from stainless steel, this appliance combines precision and efficiency to bring a variety of freshly made bubble waffles to your customers. Invest in the CR-1003 model and redefine your dessert offerings with an innovative and trending addition to your kitchen that enhances both speed and culinary creativity.

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