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Electric Sweetcorn Machine

Model No : CR-304
Product Type : Electric Only
Size : 240x220x100mm
Capacity (approx) : 5kg corn/10Ltr
Weight (approx) : 12kg
Body : Stainless Steel
Volts : 230V
Power : 3000W

Original price was: ₹11,199.00.Current price is: ₹9,699.00.

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Features & Compatibility

**Experience the Wholesome Aroma of Fresh Sweetcorn with the CR-304 Electric Sweetcorn Machine: Elevate Your Snack Game**

Introducing the Electric Sweetcorn Machine, Model CR-304, a culinary innovation designed to make sweetcorn preparation efficient, flavorful, and convenient. Crafted with precision and powered by electricity, this machine is ideal for commercial use, offering a reliable solution for cafes, food stalls, and restaurants. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and creative possibilities that make this Electric Sweetcorn Machine a game-changer in the culinary world.

### **1. Business Model and Market**

The Electric Sweetcorn Machine is not just an appliance; it’s a strategic investment in your business model. Crafted with precision and efficiency, this electric-powered machine caters to the demand for convenient and wholesome sweetcorn options. Ideal for businesses looking to enhance their snack offerings, it allows you to offer customers the delightful experience of savoring perfectly cooked sweetcorn. Elevate your business model by incorporating this reliable and efficient electric sweetcorn machine, setting your establishment apart in the competitive food industry.

### **2. Per Day Earning Capabilities**

Investing in the Electric Sweetcorn Machine unlocks new dimensions in your daily earning capabilities. Sweetcorn, when prepared with precision and speed, becomes an irresistible snack option for people of all ages. This machine’s efficiency and capacity contribute to increased sales, as you can offer a high-volume, consistently delicious sweetcorn experience. The ability to process 5kg of corn or 10 liters at a time ensures that you can meet customer demand efficiently, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and repeat business.

### **3. Concept**

At the core of the Electric Sweetcorn Machine is the concept of culinary innovation and convenience. This electric-powered appliance empowers chefs and food entrepreneurs to streamline the sweetcorn preparation process, ensuring consistent quality and reducing cooking time. The concept revolves around providing a reliable and efficient platform for sweetcorn cooking, allowing businesses to offer a versatile and delightful snack to their customers. The Electric Sweetcorn Machine adds a touch of modernity and efficiency to your menu, attracting customers seeking a quick and wholesome treat.

### **4. Types**

The Electric Sweetcorn Machine is a versatile solution, accommodating various sweetcorn types. Whether you prefer classic boiled sweetcorn, flavored variations, or creative sweetcorn recipes, this electric machine can handle it all. The adjustable power of 3000W ensures precise cooking control, allowing you to create a spectrum of sweetcorn varieties to suit different cravings and customer preferences. Explore the possibilities of different sweetcorn toppings or seasonings to add diversity to your menu and keep your offerings fresh and exciting.

### **5. Trending**

In the ever-evolving world of food trends, the Electric Sweetcorn Machine stands out as a must-have appliance. The ability to offer freshly cooked sweetcorn aligns perfectly with the current trend of convenient and wholesome snack options. Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating this trending electric sweetcorn machine that adds efficiency, versatility, and a touch of innovation to your culinary offerings.

### **6. Specification Highlights**

– **Model No:** CR-304
– **Product Type:** Electric Only
– **Size:** 240x220x100mm
– **Capacity (approx):** 5kg corn / 10Ltr
– **Weight (approx):** 12kg
– **Body:** Stainless Steel
– **Volts:** 230V
– **Power:** 3000W

### **Meta Title: Savor the Convenience of Perfectly Cooked Sweetcorn with CR-304 Electric Sweetcorn Machine – Ideal for Commercial Use**

### **Meta Description:**
Discover the convenience and efficiency of sweetcorn preparation with the CR-304 Electric Sweetcorn Machine. Crafted from stainless steel and powered by electricity, this machine combines precision and versatility to bring a delightful and high-capacity sweetcorn experience to your customers. Invest in the CR-304 model and redefine your snack offerings with an innovative and trending electric-powered addition to your kitchen that enhances both speed and culinary creativity.

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