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Automatic Cup Sealing Machine 300cups/hr

Model No : CR-803
Product Type : Automatic Cup Sealing Machine
Power : 380W 220V/50Hz
Body : Powder Coated
Dimension : 280*330*540MM
Weight : 23.5kg
Colore: Black
Use: Commercial

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Features & Compatibility

**1. Transform Your Packaging Workflow with the CR-803 Automatic Cup Sealing Machine 300cups/hr**

Introducing the CR-803, a game-changing solution designed to streamline your packaging operations. This automatic cup sealing machine, capable of sealing 300 cups per hour, combines efficiency, precision, and reliability to enhance your commercial business.

**2. Effortless Sealing: Unveiling the Automatic Advantage**

Experience the ease of packaging with the CR-803 Automatic Cup Sealing Machine. This innovative device takes the hassle out of cup sealing, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality products to your customers. With a sealing capacity of 300 cups per hour, it’s a powerful addition to any commercial setting.

**3. Sleek Design, Robust Performance: Explore the CR-803’s Dimension and Body**

Measuring a compact 280*330*540MM, the CR-803 is engineered for both efficiency and space optimization. The powder-coated black body not only adds durability but also exudes a professional and sleek aesthetic. This machine is designed to seamlessly integrate into your commercial setup.

**4. Power-Packed Performance: Unraveling the Technical Specifications**

The CR-803 operates at 220V/50Hz with a power consumption of 380W, ensuring a perfect balance between energy efficiency and high-performance cup sealing. Weighing in at 23.5kg, this machine is robust yet manageable, providing stability during operation.

**5. Commercial Precision: The CR-803’s Daily Earning Capabilities**

Curious about the daily earning potential of the CR-803? This automatic cup sealing machine, sealing 300 cups per hour, is a valuable asset to your business. Boost your productivity, meet demand effortlessly, and witness an increase in your daily earnings.

**6. Embrace Versatility: The CR-803’s Commercial Application**

Tailored for commercial use, the CR-803 is a versatile cup sealing solution suitable for various industries. Whether you’re in the food and beverage sector or any other commercial setting, this machine ensures a seamless and efficient cup sealing process.


– Model No: CR-803
– Product Type: Automatic Cup Sealing Machine
– Power: 380W 220V/50Hz
– Body: Powder Coated
– Dimension: 280*330*540MM
– Weight: 23.5kg
– Color: Black
– Use: Commercial

**Meta Title: Enhance Your Packaging Efficiency with the CR-803 Automatic Cup Sealing Machine 300cups/hr**

**Meta Description: Elevate your commercial packaging with the CR-803, an automatic cup sealing machine sealing 300 cups per hour. Combining sleek design, power-packed performance, and commercial precision, this machine is your key to effortless and efficient cup sealing. Explore the possibilities today.**

Automatic Cup Sealing Machine 300cups/hr in Chennai
Automatic Cup Sealing Machine 300cups/hr in Tamilnadu

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