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Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor

Made in India Ice Cutter Gola Machine with 0.25 HP motor
Model No : CRL-6602

Description :
  • Motorized Ice Cutter or Gola Maker is suitable for making Ice gola.
  • It provides ease of operation and easy to clean.
Specifications :
  • Product Type : Ice Cutter
  • Power Source : Electric
  • Power Supply : 220V AC Supply
  • Motor Power : 0.25 HP
  • Motor Speed : 1440 RPM
  • Body Material : Cast Iron
  • Plate Material : Brass
  • Dimension : 2 Foot
  • Weight : 35 Kg (Approx)

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Features & Compatibility

**Meta Title:**
“CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine with 0.25HP Motor – Elevate Your Ice Gola Experience with Powerful Efficiency”

**Meta Description:**
“Experience the perfect blend of power and efficiency with the CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine featuring a robust 0.25HP motor. Made in India, this motorized gola maker is crafted with a cast iron body and brass plate for durability. Explore a strategic business model, impressive daily earning capabilities, and a trending concept that redefines the art of crafting refreshing ice golas.”

### **Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor: Business Model and Market**

Introducing the CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine with a 0.25HP motor – a powerful solution designed to revolutionize your ice gola experience. Uncover the strategic business model and the vast market opportunities this motorized gola maker can unlock for your establishment.

**1. Power-Packed Ice Gola Experience**

The CRL-6602 is designed to deliver a power-packed ice gola experience. The 0.25HP motor ensures efficient ice cutting, allowing you to meet the demands of a bustling market for cool and refreshing treats.

**2. Made in India Craftsmanship**

Crafted with pride in India, the CRL-6602 represents the rich craftsmanship and engineering prowess of the country. By investing in this product, you not only enhance your business but also contribute to the growth of Indian manufacturing.

**3. Durable Cast Iron Body and Brass Plate**

The robust construction of the CRL-6602 includes a cast iron body and a brass plate, ensuring durability and longevity. This gola machine is built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, making it a reliable asset for your business.

### **Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor: Per Day Earning Capabilities**

Investing in the CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine with 0.25HP Motor isn’t just about crafting ice treats; it’s about unlocking impressive earning capabilities for your business.

**4. High Motor Power for Increased Throughput**

With a 0.25HP motor, the CRL-6602 guarantees increased throughput, allowing you to cater to a higher volume of customers. This feature enhances your daily earning potential by providing a faster and more efficient ice gola preparation process.

**5. Suitable for High-Demand Settings**

The powerful motor and durable construction make the CRL-6602 ideal for high-demand settings such as busy markets, events, and festivals. Capitalize on the versatility of this gola machine to maximize your earnings in various commercial environments.

**6. Premium Craftsmanship for Premium Pricing**

The premium craftsmanship of the CRL-6602 allows you to position your ice golas as a premium offering. Customers appreciate the quality and efficiency that comes with a 0.25HP motor, making them willing to pay a premium for a top-tier gola experience.

### **Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor: Concept**

The concept behind the CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine with 0.25HP Motor revolves around power, efficiency, and providing a delightful experience for both business owners and customers.

**7. Efficient Ice Cutting with Motorized Precision**

The concept centers on efficient ice cutting with motorized precision. The 0.25HP motor ensures a controlled and powerful cutting process, resulting in consistently sized ice golas that meet the highest standards of quality.

**8. Enhanced Efficiency in Commercial Settings**

The CRL-6602 is designed for enhanced efficiency, particularly in commercial settings where speed and precision are crucial. The motorized operation minimizes manual effort, allowing your staff to focus on serving customers and boosting overall productivity.

### **Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor: Types**

Ice cutters come in various types, and the CRL-6602 stands out as a motorized model with a 0.25HP motor designed for power and efficiency.

**9. Motorized Ice Cutter with 0.25HP Motor – CRL-6602**

This model stands out with its motorized operation and powerful 0.25HP motor. The CRL-6602 is not just a machine; it’s a statement of quality craftsmanship and enhanced efficiency in the world of ice gola makers.

**10. High-Powered Gola Maker for Diverse Business Settings**

The CRL-6602 is categorized as a high-powered gola maker, capable of enhancing the ice gola experience in various business settings. Its power, durability, and premium features make it a top choice for businesses aiming for excellence.

### **Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor: Trending**

In the ever-evolving world of culinary trends, the CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine with 0.25HP Motor stands as a trending choice, aligning with the preferences of the modern consumer.

**11. High-Powered Ice Treats for Modern Events**

Trends often lean towards high-powered ice treats in modern events, and the CRL-6602 caters to this trend by offering a powerful and efficient solution for crafting refreshing ice golas. Stay ahead in the competitive icy treat market with this high-performance gola machine.

**12. Premium Gola Experience in Trendy Establishments**

The trend towards a premium gola experience in trendy establishments is addressed with the powerful design of the CRL-6602. This feature ensures that the machine not only performs efficiently but also contributes to the overall ambiance of your ice gola station.

In conclusion, the CRL-6602 Ice Cutter Gola Machine with 0.25HP Motor is not just a machine; it’s a strategic investment in the success and efficiency of your icy treats business. Elevate your customer experience, boost your daily earnings, and stay ahead of trends with this powerful and visually appealing gola machine. Invest in the future of your frozen treats business today!

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Ice Cutter Gola Machine With 0.25HP Motor in Tamilnadu

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