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Manual Spiral Potato Machine

Product Type : Spiral Potato
Model : CR-2401
Size : (L)25.5x(W)11x(H)12.5cm
Operation Mode : Manual
Weight (approx) : 1.1kg
Body : Stainless Steel
Use : Residence (or) Commercial
Manufacturer : Made in India

2 blades are free

About this item

  • SIMPLE OPERATION AND GOOD SECURITY: Easy to use by twisting the rubber hand crank. Safe, healthy and non-toxic. Suitable for kitchen snake bar and so on
  • IDEAL FOR CUTTING SPIRALS: Make twisted potato chips, tornado potatoes and vegetarian snacks. This spiral fritter cutter is a great product to use at home restaurants and hotels
  • There is a blue plastic seal film around the entire unit to prevent machine scratches while shipping, please remove it before using
  • High quality stainless steel material with excellent performance and durability, safe, harmless, anti-rust and hygienic.

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Features & Compatibility

**Manual Spiral Potato Machine: Unleashing Creativity in Potato Preparation**

Discover the art of potato transformation with the CR-2401 Manual Spiral Potato Machine. This innovative tool is designed to bring efficiency, simplicity, and creativity to your kitchen, whether you’re a home chef or a professional in the culinary industry. Let’s explore the features, benefits, and the endless possibilities this manual spiral potato machine offers.

### **1. Business Model and Market**

The Manual Spiral Potato Machine, CR-2401, caters to a diverse market, fitting seamlessly into both residential and commercial kitchens. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for home cooks looking to add a creative twist to their meals, while restaurants and hotels can benefit from its efficiency in producing visually appealing potato snacks. Embrace this machine to stay ahead in a market that values both innovation and functionality.

### **2. Per Day Earning Capabilities**

Unlock new dimensions of culinary creativity with the CR-2401. Its manual operation ensures that you have complete control over the spiral-cutting process. This capability allows for a variety of potato creations, from twisted potato chips to tornado potatoes and other vegetarian snacks. By offering unique and visually appealing dishes, you enhance your establishment’s reputation, attracting more customers and increasing your daily earning potential.

### **3. Potato Machine Concept**

The concept behind the Manual Spiral Potato Machine revolves around simplicity, safety, and creativity. The rubber hand crank ensures easy operation, making it a user-friendly tool for individuals of all skill levels. The machine’s stainless steel construction guarantees safety, durability, and hygiene. Whether you’re running a snack bar, a restaurant, or simply preparing meals at home, this machine adds a new dimension to potato preparation.

### **4. Potato Machine Types**

As a manual spiral potato cutter, the CR-2401 falls into the category of innovative kitchen appliances designed for creative food preparation. Its two free blades offer flexibility in creating various potato shapes, allowing you to experiment with different culinary presentations. This machine is a versatile addition to any kitchen, catering to both personal and professional cooking needs.

### **5. Potato Machine Trending**

The Manual Spiral Potato Machine is not just a kitchen tool; it’s a trending sensation. In an era where social media and visual appeal play a significant role, this machine allows users to create stunning potato presentations. From homemade snacks to restaurant-worthy dishes, the CR-2401 enables individuals to stay on-trend with innovative and eye-catching potato creations.

### **6. Specification Highlights**

– **Product Type:** Spiral Potato Machine (Manual)
– **Model:** CR-2401
– **Size:** (L)25.5x(W)11x(H)12.5cm
– **Operation Mode:** Manual
– **Weight (approx):** 1.1kg
– **Body:** Stainless Steel
– **Use:** Residence (or) Commercial
– **Manufacturer:** Made in India
– **Blades:** 2 free blades included

### **Meta Title: CR-2401 Manual Spiral Potato Machine – Your Key to Creative Potato Delights**

### **Meta Description:**
Experience the joy of creating visually stunning potato snacks with the CR-2401 Manual Spiral Potato Machine. Designed for both residential and commercial use, this stainless steel marvel offers simplicity, safety, and endless creative possibilities. Unlock new earning potentials and stay on-trend with this innovative addition to your kitchen.

Manual Spiral Potato Machine in Chennai
Manual Spiral Potato Machine in Tamilnadu

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