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Mawa kulfi Mould 40ML

Product Name : Mawa kulfi Mould
Capacity : 40ML
Cavity : 42
Size (Approx) : (L)280X(W)250x(H)200mm
Material : Stainless Steel
Weight (Approx) : 3Kg

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Features & Compatibility

**Headline 1: Elevate Your Dessert Craftsmanship with CR’s Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML**

Introducing the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML by CR, a culinary essential designed for crafting exquisite Mawa kulfi delights. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and bring a touch of tradition to your desserts with this precision-engineered stainless steel mould.

**Headline 2: Redefining Business Models: Incorporate the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML for Irresistible Dessert Offerings**

Transform your dessert menu with CR’s Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML. This isn’t just a mould; it’s an indispensable tool that becomes an integral part of your business model. Enhance your dessert presentation, captivate your customers, and elevate your culinary reputation with the innovative features of this stainless steel mould.

**Headline 3: Calculating Profits: Per Day Earning Capabilities of the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML**

Unlock the per day earning capabilities of the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML. With a capacity of 40ML per cavity and 42 cavities in total, this mould allows you to produce a substantial quantity of Mawa kulfi efficiently. Serve more customers, reduce preparation time, and maximize profits with the precision and efficiency of this mould.

**Headline 4: The Concept of Tradition: Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML Unveiled**

Discover the concept behind the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML—where tradition meets precision. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this mould ensures that every Mawa kulfi is perfectly formed with consistent texture and flavor. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the authentic taste of traditional Mawa kulfi.

**Headline 5: Versatility in Every Cavity: Types of Mawa Kulfi Creations with Kulfi Mould 40ML**

The Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML isn’t limited to just one type of kulfi. From classic Mawa kulfi to innovative variations, this mould accommodates a wide range of Mawa kulfi creations. Explore the types of frozen treats you can effortlessly create, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

**Headline 6: On-Trend Tradition: Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML Takes the Dessert Scene by Storm**

Stay ahead of dessert trends with the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML. The sleek stainless steel design, coupled with the capacity for creating 42 individual Mawa kulfi servings, makes this mould a trending star in kitchens. Impress your customers with the efficiency and visual appeal of the Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML, setting your dessert offerings apart in the competitive culinary landscape.


– Product Name: Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML
– Capacity: 40ML per cavity, 42 cavities in total
– Size (Approx): (L)280X(W)250x(H)200mm
– Material: Stainless Steel
– Weight (Approx): 3Kg

**Meta Title:**
“CR Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML: Revive Tradition in Every Bite with Precision Engineering”

**Meta Description:**
Enhance your dessert offerings with CR’s Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML. Crafted for culinary precision, this stainless steel mould offers efficiency, versatility, and the capacity to create a variety of traditional Mawa kulfi delights. Explore its per day earning capabilities, experience the concept where tradition meets precision, and stay on-trend with the sleek and innovative Mawa Kulfi Mould 40ML. Elevate your dessert game today.”

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