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Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy

Product Type : Popcorn Machine
Model No : CR-105 (V250)
Size (approx) : 558x508x711mm
Capacity (approx) : 3-4kg/hr (250/Batch)
Weight (approx) : 17 kg
Body : Stainless Steel
Volts : 230 Volt
Power : 1000 W
Made In : India
Use : Commercial
Glass : Not Included

Original price was: ₹18,699.00.Current price is: ₹16,199.00.

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Features & Compatibility

**Meta Title:**
“Experience Pure Delight with CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy – A Compact Stainless Steel Marvel for Authentic Popcorn Joy”

**Meta Description:**
“Immerse yourself in the joy of popcorn making with the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine, proudly Made In India. This 250gm heavy-duty stainless steel wonder, with a capacity of 3-4kg/hr, brings the essence of Indian craftsmanship to your commercial venture. Elevate your popcorn business with tradition, compact design, and unmatched quality.”

### **Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy: Business Model and Market**

Embark on a delightful popcorn-making journey with the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy. More than just a popcorn maker, this machine is a business model designed to cater to a market that values authenticity and compact efficiency.

**1. Joy in Every Kernel**

The CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine is crafted to deliver joy in every kernel. The joy of popping, the joy of aroma, and the joy of authenticity. It’s not just about making popcorn; it’s about creating an experience for your customers.

**2. Ideal for Cozy Commercial Spaces**

Whether you run a boutique cinema, a small snack corner, or a quaint café, the compact dimensions (558x508x711mm) of this popcorn machine make it ideal for cozy commercial spaces. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into environments that prioritize both space and quality.

**3. Stainless Steel Durability in a Compact Form**

The heavy-duty stainless steel body ensures not just durability but also a touch of sophistication in a compact form. Stainless steel is easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and presents a professional appearance that aligns with the standards of commercial spaces.

### **Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy: Per Day Earning Capabilities**

Investing in the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine isn’t just about making popcorn; it’s about unlocking the earning potential of your business. This compact yet heavy-duty machine is designed to deliver consistent and high-quality popcorn, contributing to the profitability of your business.

**4. Cozy Output for Intimate Sales**

With a capacity of 3-4kg/hr (250/Batch), the CR-105 (V250) ensures a cozy output rate. This means you can maintain a steady supply of fresh, hot popcorn, keeping your customers satisfied and increasing your daily sales, even in more intimate settings.

**5. Energy-Efficient Operation for Sustained Sales**

The 1000W power of this machine ensures energy-efficient operation, allowing you to keep the popcorn flowing without worrying about excessive energy costs. This translates to sustained sales throughout the day, making the CR-105 (V250) an invaluable asset for your business.

**6. Compact Marvel for Streamlined Operations**

Crafted with compact efficiency in mind, the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine streamlines your popcorn-making operations. Its lightweight design (17 kg) makes it easy to move and position, ensuring flexibility in your commercial setup.

### **Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy: Concept**

The concept behind the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine revolves around preserving the authenticity of traditional popcorn making in a compact and efficient design.

**7. Intimate Craftsmanship in Every Batch**

This popcorn machine is a testament to intimate craftsmanship. Each batch of popcorn reflects not just the precision engineering of the machine but also the intimacy of traditional popcorn making, creating a unique experience for your customers.

**8. Compact Design, Uncompromised Quality**

The concept centers on offering uncompromised quality in a compact form. The CR-105 (V250) ensures that, even in limited spaces, you can provide your customers with the same level of authenticity and joy associated with freshly popped popcorn.

### **Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy: Types**

Popcorn machines come in various types, and the CR-105 (V250) stands out as a heavy-duty stainless steel model designed for businesses seeking a balance between compact design and reliability.

**9. Compact Stainless Steel Popcorn Machine – CR-105 (V250)**

This compact model stands out with its stainless steel construction, making it a reliable and durable choice for smaller commercial popcorn production. The sleek design ensures it complements the aesthetics of cozy spaces.

**10. Made In India for Authenticity in Every Kernel**

The Made In India label is not just a geographical indicator; it’s a mark of authenticity. This popcorn machine is crafted with precision and care, bringing the flavors of Indian craftsmanship to the forefront of your popcorn business, even in more intimate settings.

### **Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy: Trending**

In the dynamic landscape of culinary trends, the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy stands as a trending choice, aligning with the preferences of the modern consumer.

**11. Compact Joy in Snacking**

Modern trends often lean towards compact joy in snacking. The CR-105 (V250) taps into this trend, offering an experience that is not just about the snack but also about the joy and coziness associated with popcorn in intimate commercial spaces.

**12. Sustainability Through Compact Efficiency**

The trend towards sustainability is addressed with the compact efficiency of the CR-105 (V250). Its small footprint minimizes space requirements, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly business model.

In conclusion, the CR-105 (V250) Popcorn Machine Made In India 250gm Heavy is not just a machine; it’s a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and compact efficiency. Elevate your popcorn business with the authentic taste of Made In India and the intimacy of a compact design. Invest in the joy of popcorn making today!

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